• What Does MENTEE Do?

  • Our Program

    MENTEE offers a network of global mentor specialists who volunteer their time, offer skills training and guidance for mentees 18 and older who are marginalized in their own communities. Our program empowers the mentee with choice and trains them so they have the power of choice. We also give a space for everyone in our MENTEE ecosystem to build local and global projects aligned with SDG goals. And, through our Global SDG Discussion Series, we work to address challenges and find solutions with global decision makers that impact our mentees' lives and their communities' health.

    MENTEE Partners

    We work with businesses, institutions, and other nonprofits globally to form mentor and mentee partnerships and build collaborative projects. MENTEE offers opportunities to fuel volunteerism and improve employee satisfaction and personal growth while giving our mentees access to top specialists. We also help support NGOs and the population they serve by freely sharing our global mentor network and program. We can also help you address SDGs through various events or projects and in any part of the world. Contact us to learn more :)

    Become a MENTEE Global Mentor!

    Our mentors are specialists from around the world who offer free consulting, training, skills sharing, feedback, guidance, and support. As a mentor, you are trauma trained and offered focussed guidance in mentorship. You can offer a single-experience large group event or the opportunity for mentees to connect more regularly. You are virtual and can help others synchronously or asynchronously. The frequency of the time you give and when you give it is all up to you! Your own growth is deeply connected to this work! If you're interested in becoming a global mentor click here and apply now!

  • Who We Serve

    We serve students, adults, and work through other nonprofits from around the world, who come from or support historically marginalized communities or populations that are newly oppressed. Our heart has always been there for our newcomer population and now we open our arms to all those who need us!

  • Questions?

    Where does MENTEE offer support?

    Everywhere :)

    We are global citizens and offer our open network and supportive program to NGOs and those they serve throughout the world!

    How does MENTEE address the root causes of the challenges you support?

    In many ways!

    MENTEE actively shares and works to solve the challenges our communities face through local, national, and international forums, events, partnerships, and group action.


    Watch our first Global SDG Discussion here.

    How can I get involved and support MENTEE?

    Thank you for caring!

    Would you like to become a mentor? Are you interested in partnering? Can you help support us in another way? Just let us know :) Click here to connect with us!

    What's with your logo?

    It's awesome, isn't it?

    Our logo icon is a West African adinkra and translated means, "He who does not know can know from learning." It's a symbol that represents life-long education and a continued quest for knowledge. Our vision, structure, and actions are all deeply rooted in the value of learning and the sharing of knowledge with all.