• MENTEE Ambassador

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    Loyola University student, Community Health Advocate at Apna Ghar, Volunteer with

    UNICEF Unchained Coalition, Mentor at Bethany House - Chicago

    As a MENTEE Ambassador and mentee, Vida Opoku represents all we as a community hope to achieve - giving a better, healthier life for everyone through the kind and generous giving of the gifts we already have and can so easily share with those who need our support.


    "Growing up as a kid, I was betrayed and given to a man to marry at a very young age. A few years ago, I was still in this abusive relationship and all that I was praying for was to survive the day. I was miserable, hopeless, and disappointed until I began my journey to find a better life. I believe in kindness, love, respect and helping one another. If we can be kind to one another, we can make a difference in the world today. Along my journey, I was helped by people who cared about me and it changed my life. I hope you will join me in supporting MENTEE - work that helps spread support for those who need it so together we can make a difference in the world."