• The Work

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    Our Program

    MENTEE offers a network of global specialists and a supportive program for people who are 18 and older and disadvantaged by our global systems. Global mentors, speaking a collective 33 languages, volunteer their time to teach, give free consulting, share professional skills and knowledge, offer guidance, and support sessions for mentees who come to us through our NGO partnerships. Mentors and mentees receive monthly mind and body healing sessions as well as the opportunity to join in our developer space to build local and global projects aligned with the SDG goals. Through MENTEE's Global SDG Discussion Series, we address global challenges by lifting the voices of our mentees and NGO network to find solutions with decision-makers that impact our mentees' lives and the health of their community.

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    MENTEE Partners

    We work with businesses, institutions, and other nonprofits globally to form mentor and mentee partnerships to build collaborative projects. MENTEE offers opportunities to fuel volunteerism and improve employee satisfaction and personal growth while giving our mentees access to top specialists. We also help support NGOs and the population they serve by freely sharing our global mentor network and program. We can also help you address SDGs through various events or projects and in any part of the world. You can also support our work through donations as we run on the generosity of those that care. Contact us to learn more :)

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    University Certificates

    We partner with universities, like Fordham University and our "Peer to Peer Learning Through Sustainable Development Goals Project", to give our mentees certificates and other higher education and continuing learning opportunities.

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    Mental Health & Well-being

    We offer monthly Mind & Body Healing Sessions for our MENTEE Community of mentees, global mentors, NGOs, and other partner organizations through various partnerships, like our partnership with CHILL Anywhere.

  • We support ALL SDGs as a UN SDG Partner Organization


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    MENTEE has a special partnership with the U.N.'s PLURAL+ Youth Film Festival

    The 2023 PLURAL+ & MENTEE Global Impact Award for outstanding and impactful film and $500 award for "Najiamini" went to the Tai Tanzania team from Tanzania. 
    The 2022 PLURAL+ & MENTEE Golden Award and $500 award was given to Angela Chiquin Chitay from Gautemala for MY VOICE ME TOO. 
    The 2021 PLURAL+ & MENTEE Golden Award in partnership with Bajaj Electricals & $1,000 was awarded to the young filmmaker team at Dandora Music in Kenya. 

    The 2020 PLURAL+ & MENTEE Golden Award & $500 was awarded to young filmmaker Mariana Machado of Brazil for her film Inside Out Dilemma.

  • Become a Global Mentor

    Our global mentors are specialists from around the world who offer free consulting, professional skills and knowledge sharing, guidance, and support. Mentees are given the power to reach out to you on our platform, and can search for you based on your skillset. As a mentor, you are trauma trained and learn MENTEE's approach to mentoring and knowledge-sharing so you can serve the world. You are able to hold one-on-one sessions or join us with other mentors for large group mentoring and sharing events that serve our community. Global mentors are virtual and help mentees synchronously or asynchronously, depending on the challenges they may be facing.
    The frequency of the time you give and when you give it is all up to you.
    Your own personal and professional growth is deeply connected to this work!
    If you're interested in applying to become a global mentor click here!



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    Women Leaders

    These select global mentors reflect just some of our amazing female specialists from around the world. They are specialists in Journalism, Business, Law, Environment, Nonprofit, Communication and more. They live in Columbia, Germany, Japan, the US, Mexico, Nigeria, France, and Turkey and represent just some of the countries our global mentors come from.

    Why Share Your Time?

    Our mentees need you. Nan Smile is a Burmese refugee and one example of the amazing folks that will have access to you. She and others who are challenged by the world systems will benefit from the knowledge you hold and the time you can give. They need you to share what you already have!

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    Highlight Mentor

    Ogweno Stephen is one of our amazing global mentors. Ogweno is also the CEO of Stowelink, a MENTEE global partner and Kenyan organization working to support health education in Sub-Sahara Africa. Ogweno has participated in multiple group mentoring events sharing our support and knowledge with over 8 African countries and beyond.

  • Questions?

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    Where does MENTEE offer support?

    Everywhere :)

    We are global citizens and offer our open network and supportive program to NGOs and those they serve throughout the world!

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    How does MENTEE address the root causes of the challenges you support?

    In many ways!

    MENTEE actively shares and works to solve the challenges our communities face through local, national, and international forums, events, partnerships, and group action.


    Watch our first Global SDG Discussion here.

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    How can I help MENTEE?

    Thank you for caring!

    Would you like to become a mentor? Are you interested in partnering? Can you help support us in another way? Just let us know :) Click here to connect with us!

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    What's with your logo?

    It's awesome, isn't it?

    Our logo icon is a West African adinkra and translated means, "He who does not know can know from learning." It's a symbol that represents life-long education and a continued quest for knowledge. Our vision, structure, and actions are all deeply rooted in the value of learning and the sharing of knowledge with all.